About Laureen Peck


Laureen Peck is a creative and strategic growth-focused leader experienced in new brand development, brand-building, direct marketing, lead generation, new business development and more.


Chief Marketing Officer/ VP

Laureen Peck headed up the marketing department for Solar Energy World, a solar energy services retailer for nearly 10 years.

Laureen began her engagement with the company in January 2012 as Vice President of Marketing when it was a locally based rooftop solar installer with one facility primarily serving customers within the company’s 50 mile radius. She was tasked with developing and executing marketing strategies and tactics that would significantly increase sales revenue and position the company for long-term growth.

In the beginning, she only had a cursory understanding of the company’s products and services, but she did know how to grow brands and increase sales revenue and she was determined to succeed.

“I have worked with Laureen for over 7 years now and her creativity, passion, commitment, drive and organizational skills in the rapidly changing and evolving solar industry continue to be really quite exceptional. ” - Andrew Kidgell, Senior Solar Direct Marketing Coach at Opportunity Knocks See More

Laureen had a double challenge. Ten years ago, the solar industry was still considered new and most home owners and business owners in the local market needed educating on how solar worked and its benefits before they could even consider going solar. So she had to develop a communications strategy that would both educate consumers on the category and build a strong brand at the same time.

Using her creative and analytical abilities, she developed a short and long-term growth strategy starting with repositioning the company’s brand. As the brand revamp began to show good results, she executed a combination of communications, advertising and lead generation strategies, as well as developing an in-house marketing team and improving internal marketing operational systems. The company began to grow every year. In 2019 she was promoted to Chief Marketing Officer.

By the time Laureen Peck left the company, her programs had helped to quadruple the company’s annual sales revenue. At her departure in 2021 it had grown from a local solar retailer into a regional player with five facilities serving six states.

New Business Development

Prior to her tenure as Chief Marketing Officer, Laureen Peck has worked as a New Business Development Leader, Producer and Account Executive for advertising agencies, marketing communications firms, and film and video production companies headquartered across the USA.

She generated millions of dollars in new business revenue by creating new opportunities, managing pitch teams and launching new, geotargeted campaigns for organizations in a variety of industries including Non-profits, CPG, Energy, HVAC, Fashion, Finance, Education, Real Estate and more.

In every case, she not only helped the companies she worked for grow, she helped the clients she acquired meet their goals as well.

"Tenacity, persistence, and unquenchable optimism are some of the admirable qualities Laureen brought to her business development role" -Glenn Towle, Partner, Merrick Towle

"Laureen is the most effective business development professional I've ever had the opportunity to work with…She is a rare find at a time when business development is the most important lifeline to an organization's success." Mark Blankenship, Former CEO, Barton Cotton

“Laureen was instrumental in nearly doubling the size of the agency” Seth J. Katzen, President & Chief Executive Officer, Jewish Federation of Delaware
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