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Initiatives to Drive Positive Action

In her role as Chief Marketing Officer at Solar Energy World, Laureen repositioned the company’s brand from product-focused marketing to a company on a mission  “to give more people the power to reduce their dependence on fossil fuels to foster financial and environmental security for their children and grandchildren.” 

She developed the mission statement to drive home the message that going solar fosters both environmental and financial security for future generations.  Previously, the company’s communications focused mainly on features (energy cost-savings) over benefits, as did all of its competitors. 

To communicate the new stated mission, she changed the tagline from “Tomorrow’s Energy Today” to “Because Tomorrow Matters” and launched numerous initiatives all in service to the mission that were highly successful over the ten years she worked there.

Community Events

As part of the rebrand, she revamped the company’s Solar 101  workshops that educated consumers and business owners about the benefits of going solar. This included creating new educational presentations as well as promoting and managing the events. The improvements increased their popularity so she made them scalable for multiple offices and service areas and proliferated them across the company’s different locations. 

But the company was missing something. It had no formal CSR program. So in addition to increasing and improving the company’s educational events, she set about finding a partner that shared the values the brand ascribed to. 

Educational Workshops for businesses and homeowners
Workshop participants’ on-camera reviews

Saving Children’s Lives with the GivePower Foundation

One of the initiatives Laureen launched in support of the company’s mission and to create public relations opportunities, was a partnership for Solar Energy World with the GivePower Foundation to help children in developing regions of the world have access to safe, clean drinking water from solar-powered water purification farms.

Laureen initiated the partnership in November 2020. It was the first formal, ongoing corporate social responsibility program the company had ever had. 

For every installation Solar Energy World completes, a donation goes to the foundation. As of July 2021, the partnership had the net effect of saving the lives of more than 800 people over 8 months.

"When I learned that three out of ten people, worldwide don't have access to a safe, reliable source of water and that waterborne disease kills one child every 90 seconds, I was astounded. The Givepower Foundation saves children's lives through their unique solar-powered water farms and offered our company the opportunity to help fund new construction of these water farms. Protecting children worldwide matches our company mission, so it made sense to join forces." -  Laureen Peck

"Since the start of our partnership, Solar Energy World has donated [$ . . . ] to the GivePower Foundation which translates into providing 838 people access to 20 years of clean drinking water powered by the sun! This is something the entire team should be very proud of. In such a short amount of time, you have made such a significant impact." - Aparna Mohla, Vice President of Corporate Partnerships for GivePower 

Today, the company projects that each year the partnership continues, Solar Energy World’s customers will help 1,800 children and adults have access to clean drinking water that will prevent illness.

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