Is Your Marketing Leader a Brand-Snob or a Multi-Channel Motivator?

By Laureen Peck

If you own a small to mid-sized business that has been in operation for several years, you probably already know that lead-generation programs and promotional advertising works. However, you could be seeing some push-back from your in-house marketing team leader or from your ad agency rep who is telling you that you now need to focus more on building your brand.

Depending upon your goals, you may very well need to start spending more on brand-building, especially if you are trying to grow a new service or product, or enter a new geographic market, but that doesn’t mean you should cut back on your lead-generation programs. That would be foolish.

Generally, brand-building and brand awareness campaigns work to attract new audiences who are just beginning to consider buying your type of product or service.  It can also work to create a new need for your type of product from an audience who hasn’t considered the type of product/service you offer before but could have an affinity for your offerings based on their psychographic profile. Brand building takes longer to get results and to realize a strong ROI.

Promotional lead generation programs work to motivate people to take action who are already shopping for your type of product or service. Assuming your marketers are accurate in their targeting, these audiences will convert to a sale sooner because they are closer to the bottom of the sales funnel.

Let’s Have a Truce

There seems to be a war between brand-building and lead-generating because there is an erroneous perception that one method of growing business is superior to the other. Sometimes in their enthusiasm to differentiate a brand creatively, marketers can start focusing on brand-building alone. Sometimes a sales-driven organization has leaders who push the idea that lead-gen to produce an immediate ROI is the only thing their company should be spending on. Both of these approaches are wrong.

Brand-building is important but promotional lead-generation has to be maintained to keep a business running. So, it is important to do both and to make sure whoever is managing your marketing understands that multi-channel marketing is essential.

But what if your budget is limited and you need to somehow reach both types of audiences as efficiently as possible? Even if your marketing is integrated across multi-channels, sometimes marketers miss the opportunity to do both brand-building and lead generation at the same time in the same campaign. Often the most effective campaigns are the ones that use your brand’s emotional hooks combined with offers that will inspire both top-of-funnel audiences and bottom-of-funnel audiences to take action.  

Examples of Campaigns that Have Both Brand-Building and Promotional Elements

Your offerings may not be anything like the examples below, and these campaigns may not appeal to you personally because you may not fit the target audience, but hopefully, they can give you an idea of how brand-building and promotions can work together.

YouTube, Facebook & Broadcast

Regional Promotional Campaign: Branding +Offer

Local Promotional campaign: Branding + Offer

Direct Marketing

Online Marketing

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