End The Sales & Marketing Divide

Step 2: Create Internal Synergy

sales and marketing synergy

Sales and marketing synergy is essential for sustainable growth. This is true whether your organization provides business products/services, consumer products/services, or is a an organization that needs to increase membership, drive enrollment or attain more donors.

To reach growth goals it’s important to facilitate solutions to help both teams work together effectively by understanding team members’ needs and motivations. In other words, you not only need to understand the psychographics of your target audiences, you need to understand your co-workers’ psychographics too.

Hunter Mentality

Salespeople (includes Fundraisers and New Business Developers) are hunters, motivated by immediate rewards. Most of the time their compensation is commission-based. So, they need qualified leads that they can close as quickly as possible. The strongest closers are often the ones who have the least patience for following marketing protocols or maintaining brand consistency in their presentations and communications.

Having a strong sense of urgency is what makes them successful at their jobs.

Nurturer Mentality

Marketers on the other hand, essentially act as nurturers so their focus is split between growing brand and generating leads. They have to produce an immediate ROI and sustainable future growth at the same time.

Being both creative and analytical is what makes them successful at their jobs.

All On The Same Team

Differing personal goals and motivations for sales and marketing employees can sometimes create acrimony between the teams that is counterproductive. However, to successfully grow a company, salespeople and marketers need to understand and support each other. You can’t grow sales if no one is generating leads, and you will end up with marketing budget cuts if sales drop which could create a vicious cycle.

The solution is to develop and follow a marketing plan that will both build your brand over time and nourish the sales team on a daily basis. It is also important for the marketing and sales departments to communicate regularly with one another to build consensus and streamline processes. In other words, engender sales and marketing synergy.

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